Sufficient supply of goods for Aidilfitri

Sufficient supply of goods for Aidilfitri

GUA MUSANG: The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) will ensure there is no panic buying and sufficient supply of essential items for the preparation of Aidilfitri.

Its deputy secretary-general (Consumer Empowerment) Mohamed Zahari Razali said consumers nationwide should not be easily swayed by various rumors of inadequate supply and rising prices of goods.

He said this was unlikely due to continuous monitoring by the ministry and all essential items sold in supermarkets and shops in the village were found to be sufficient and at a stable price.

People in the rural areas should not spend too much time at supermarkets in town to buy essential items for the Aidilfitri preparations, thinking that the goods were purportedly cheaper, he said.

“The prices of essentials including wheat flour, eggs and cooking oil are the same, both at the supermarkets and sundry shops in the countryside,” he told reporters after reviewing essential items sold at a shop in Kampung Jerek, here, yesterday.

Mohamed Zahari said the enforcement unit would continue to monitor all supermarkets and sundry shops in the rural areas to ensure they were in compliance with all the regulations set by the ministry.

“Thus far we are satisfied with the surplus of essentials available at all business premises and there should be no problem to make preparations for Aidilfitri,” he said. — Bernama