SSAB Pushes Improved Fuel Economy in Indonesia with New EcoUpgraded Program

SSAB Pushes Improved Fuel Economy in Indonesia with New EcoUpgraded Program

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leading global steel manufacturer and supplier, SSAB has taken significant step towards a reduced carbon footprint in Indonesia by introducing the SSAB EcoUpgraded program. The program allows customers to upgrade from standard steel to high-strength steel that features a reduced weight of their equipment, thus leads to both improved fuel economy and extended product lifetime, while tackling the overall carbon footprint challenges in Indonesia.

SSAB EcoUpgraded
SSAB EcoUpgraded

With the SSAB EcoUpgraded program, end products are produced with less weight, while still maintaining the same strength and durability. Less steel is being used in the whole process, and everything works together to generate CO2 savings during production and use. For a nation like Indonesia that has seen a 313% increase in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990 and still trending upwards, having an option like SSAB EcoUpgraded maintains efficiency but reduces the environmental impact in the country and globally.

Benefits for all

By being part of the EcoUpgraded program, environments and businesses can stand to gain in multiple ways.

“With less steel used, the manufacturing process of EcoUpgraded components and vehicles require fewer resources overall, furthermore, industries such as the mining or transportation sectors in Indonesia will still be able to count on the renowned strength of SSAB’s products. A clear benefit is the lighter material creating room for a payload capacity increase, which improves overall efficiency and profitability,” said John Kuan, Country manager for South East Asia, SSAB.

This production cycle also produces lower carbon emissions, which aligns well with the direction of environmental restrictions and legislation. This will allow businesses to be in a stronger position compared to the competition, enhancing the environmental profile.

The SSAB EcoUpgraded program targets all sectors that may have use for genuine Hardox materials, but more so for the mining and transportation industries, with weight and operating efficiency being points of contention.

An optimal impact with efficiency

The increased capacity of lighter vehicles means fewer trips are required when transporting a certain load compared to before. This results in less fuel used, lower costs for the driver, as well as less vehicle maintenance to contend with. The process is also more efficient when vehicles are not fully loaded.

John Kuan added, “It is not just operational benefits at work here, with higher revenue on the agenda as well. In contrast to current setups, more cargo is able to be transported in the same time period. Costs for vehicle maintenance and drivers remain the same, but there is increased payload revenue overall.” 

For the mining and transportation industries, it is vital to seek refinements before, during, and after traditional processes. The SSAB EcoUpgraded program represents a logical next step in pursuing a greener future with genuine innovation and products.

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