Sri Lanka bomb blasts: The profile of suicide bombers

Sri Lanka bomb blasts: The profile of suicide bombers

K Pragalath

COLOMBO: The suicide bombers who caused the mayhem in Sri Lanka fit into certain sets of profile. The Leaders Online had previously highlighted the profile of Zahran Hashim.

While Zahran appears to have come from an economically poor background, other suicide bombers come from a wealthy families and one was even educated in the United Kingdom.

Deputy defence minister Ruwan Wijewardene said: “We believe one of the suicide bombers studied in the UK and then maybe later on did his post graduate studies in Australia before coming back to Sri Lanka.”

“All of the attackers were well educated and and are financially independent.”

Out of the nine suicide bombers, eight have been identified.

One of the nine is a female who killed herself even as the police raided the house that she lived in. She is the wife of another suicide bomber who blew herself up at the home that belonged to her father-in-law.

The father in law has been taken into custody as two of his other sons were suicide bombers too.

All 60 people who have been arrested are local Sri Lankans. A total of 32 out of the 60 remain in police custody.

Conspiracy in withholding intelligence?

Earlier today, the police used controlled explosion to destroy a suspect’s motorcycle.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has admitted that there was a breakdown of communication in intelligence gathering.

He also said that there are suspects on the run who are armed and dangerous as they are equipped with explosives.

Sri Lanka’s parliament leader Lakshman Kiriella claimed that senior officials deliberately with held intelligence on the potential attacks.

“Somebody is controlling these top intelligence officials. The Security Council is doing politics. We need to investigate into this,” he added.

The Islamic State claimed attacks on Easter Sunday claimed the lives of 395 people and injured600

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