Social media turning into anti social media says deputy minister Steven Sim

Social media turning into anti social media says deputy minister Steven Sim

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy youth and sports minister Steven Sim Chee Keong urged Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) 2019 delegates to be proactive against cyber bullying and fake news as social media is turning into anti-social media.

Using the case of student who committed suicide in 2017, he pointed out that the teenage student was a victim of cyber bullying.

“Upto 70% students claim to have experienced online harassment. If you think real world is not safe cyberworld can be worse,” said Sim.

“Social media has become anti social media. People who are quiet in real can curse online.”

He also stressed on how social media is promoting distrust with viralled fake news.

He equated social media to Air Asia founder Tony Fernandes.

“Because of social media, anyone can say anything. Previously writing and publishing was costly. Tony Fernandes has made all (able to) write.”

“Internet is about knowledge. Information are shared by the minute. It is also with propaganda and and fabricated stories.

“The net effect is there are truths and untruths. Social media is supposed to empower trust not distrust.”

Earlier on he spoke about the significance of social media.

“There are 40.9 million voters and 12.3 million voted on May 9th as opposed to 23 million Facebook users. A total of 37.5% voters are on Instagram.”

MSMW 2019 is organised by Malaysian Social Media Chambers – a three day event made up of panel discussions, workshops and award.

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