Riiid to present Artificial Intelligence for education sessions at ASU+GSV 2021 Summit

Riiid to present Artificial Intelligence for education sessions at ASU+GSV 2021 Summit

SAN RAMON, Calif., Aug. 5 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Riiid, a leading AI for education company and a member of Born2Global Centre, will take part in the annual ASU+GSV Summit, the preeminent global education innovation conference to be held in San Diego on August 9-11. Riiid, one of the key sponsor partners for the in-person conference, will host four sessions on AI-enabled education and join in announcing the first-ever AI in Education (AIEd) benchmark initiative by a cross-sector alliance of companies, non-profit organizations, and associations. 

Riiid takes part in the annual ASU+GSV Summit, the preeminent global education innovation conference.
Riiid takes part in the annual ASU+GSV Summit, the preeminent global education innovation conference.

“The ASU+GSV Summit connects important innovators and thought leaders in the global EdTech scene, providing a platform for positive change in education and technology,” said YJ Jang, founder and CEO of Riiid. “We look forward to informing the ASU+GSV members about Riiid’s pioneering efforts in AIEd and how our personalized AI-powered learning solution can change education and bring equity in learning.”    

Riiid will present four sessions on the main ‘Emerging Technology’ and ‘Global’ tracks at this year’s summit. On Monday, August 9, Riiid and the DXtera Institute will lead the launch of a cross-sector alliance of organizations that will announce global AI benchmarks and standards. Participants in the announcement include Carnegie Learning and the Schmidt Futures Foundation, among others. The initiative will increase public trust in AI adoption in the education sector, helping AIEd stakeholders discern the quality and reliability of new AI technologies. Organizations such as UNESCO have signed on as mission supporters, and GSV Ventures, Digital Promise, ETS, the German Alliance for Education, and Education Alliance Finland have joined to help establish a healthy ecosystem in the AIEd industry. You can find more information and the list of participants at https://www.edsafeai.org/

Following the announcement, Riiid will convene a conversation of thought leaders about adaptive learning technologies and how it can scale. Jim Larimore, Riiid’s Chief Officer for Equity in Learning, will also moderate a session on human-centered AI, highlighting how leaders in education, learning science and data science use evidence-based insights to improve the experience of teachers and learners.

Lastly, in the Global track on Tuesday, August 10, Riiid will be joined by other Korean EdTech startups to discuss Korea’s presence as an EdTech powerhouse. Accompanied by an industry investor as well as the CEO of HolonIQ, the leading global EdTech market intelligence platform, the session will highlight Korea as the best testbed for the newest education technologies and give local startups’ insights from the most competitive and rigorous learners in the world. 

Striving to build a healthy ecosystem for AIEd, Riiid continues to lead in creating platforms that attract and encourage AI researchers, scientists, education thought leaders and practitioners to accelerate innovation in AI for education. The company publicly released EdNet, the world’s largest AIEd data set, and  successfully hosted an AIEd algorithm challenge which attracted more than 4,400 contestants across over 90 countries. The company also hosted a day-long workshop at AAAI, where AI scientists and engineers from the likes of Samsung, Amazon, Stanford University shared their cutting-edge ideas and knowledge on AIEd.

The ASU+GSV Summit is an annual event held by Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley. Started in 2010, the conference aims to connect startups, investors, and educators across the “Pre-K to Gray” spectrum and transform society and business around learning and work. Keynote speakers in the past include President George W. Bush, Bill Gates, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Richard Branson, Howard Schultz, singers such as Common and John Legend, among others.

For more detailed information on Riiid, visit https://company.riiid.co/en/main.

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Riiid (https://company.riiid.co/en/main) is a global leader in AI solutions for education, backed by more than $250 million (USD) in funding and named in the 2021 CB Insights AI 100 list of the most innovative AI startups. Leveraging the power of AI, the company is driving a paradigm shift in education with technology that personalizes instruction for all students, with the aim of democratizing quality education anywhere in the world. The company provides solutions for K-12 education, postsecondary education and corporate training. As a leading force in AI technology, Riiid has published research papers at top AI conferences including NeurIPS, CSEDU, and LAK. The company has applied for more than 150 patents, 27 of which are registered. In 2020, Riiid established the company’s global arm based in Silicon Valley, California, to expand its business across the U.S., South America, Middle East and beyond.

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Born2Global Centre (www.born2global.com) is a full-cycle service platform for global expansion. Since its inception in 2013, Born2Global has been setting the standard for a successful startup ecosystem as the main Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Born2Global has expanded and transformed startups to be engaged, equipped and connected with the global market.

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