Resign if Pakatan loses Tg Piai, Twitter users tell Mahathir

Resign if Pakatan loses Tg Piai, Twitter users tell Mahathir

PUCHONG: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should step down if Pakatan Harapan loses the Tanjung Piai by-election.

In a series of tweets by social media users, netizens also hurled brickbats against Mahathir for flipflopping on his power transition promise made back in the last general election.

“Look, obvious that Dr Mahathir has conceded defeat to MCA-BN in Tg Piai by-election.

“In GE 14, PPBM candidate own under the PKR banner. Voters actually voted in favour of PKR.

“If Dr M’s candidate loses, then the writing is on the wall for his to step down,” said Twitter user Aruna.

Recently, Mahathir had taunted Umno for not fielding a candidate for the by-election, claiming the Malay right-wing party was afraid to contest there.

However, Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu later has conceded that it would be hard for Pakatan to win the by-election, claiming certain quarters may fan racial sentiments especially against DAP.

On the power transition, Twitter user The Third Force said that Mahathir should just step down for the sake of Malaysia.

“Why keep going in circles? Just step down, please!

“Che Det has remained coy on a specific date,” said The Third Force.

Before coming to power, Mahathir has promised that he will only become an interim prime minister, reiterating that he would hand over the premiership to PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim within two years.

However, since ascending the premiership, Mahathir has given fluid details on his transition plans, with the latest statement of him saying that he would only step down before the next general election.

By G Vinod