Ramasamy: Anwar was never given a chance

Ramasamy: Anwar was never given a chance

The twice former prime minister Mahathir Mohammed thinks and acts as though Malaysians are fools or have short memories. It is not that PKR president Anwar Ibrahim does not have support to be the prime minister, he had it in the past.

It is still too early to write him off. He might be the prime minister not now but after the next general election. Nothing can be discounted in politics and certainly not when it comes to Anwar.

In the current build-up, as to who will be the the prime minister, there seems to be close contest between Anwar of PH and Ismail Saberi of Umno or BN.

It is yet to be determined as to who will get the numbers to be considered as the next prime minister. Anwar was the deputy prime minister in the cabinet of Mahathir, but then how could Anwar be chosen to be the prime minister if he was hounded, arrested on trumped up charges and convicted.

This was the doing of Mahathir, in case he has forgotten about how he victimised Anwar. How can Anwar aspire to be the prime minister when he was sacked from Umno and as the deputy prime minister. It was not that he lacked support.

It was the exit of Anwar that led to the formation of PKR with Anwar as its president. Anwar could have become the prime minister after PH won the federal government.

Since he was in prison, the opportunity was given to Mahathir on condition that he would vacate his position after two years. But then Mahathir made it virtually impossible for Anwar to assume the number one position.

It was not that Anwar lacked the credentials or support but it was deliberately and viciously sabotaged by Mahathir. During Mahathir’s 22 months in office, he never any indication as when he will give up his post and whether Anwar would be his replacement.

While the pressure was being built up for Mahathir to give up the post, he clandestinely encouraged a countermove against Anwar and PH which resulted in the “Sheraton Move” with the formation of a new government government.

It is not that Mahathir was not aware of this counter move, he might not have been part of it but certainly did not stop it. At that time, anything was game to him if the objective had to do with derailing Anwar’s plan to be the prime minister.

Eventually, Mahathir resigned because his idea of a unity government, with him in ultimate authority had no takers. PH was fully behind Anwar, but merely allowed Mahathir to be the interim prime minister.

Mahathir had no loyalty towards PH, he was adamant from stopping Anwar ascending the top post. It is not that Anwar had no support, but was prevented from becoming the prime minister by none other than the arch villain Mahathir.

It is not for Mahathir to ramble about whether Anwar has the support or not. No sane person can be aspire to be the prime minister and succeed under the circumstances of wheeling and dealing engaged by the “Sheratocrats” and “Kleptocrats”.

The present numbers game is mockery and great insult to Malaysians who are longing for decent and moral government. Mahathir can say whatever he wants as he would be remembered as the worst prime minister that the country had.

P Ramasamy is the deputy chief minister II of Penang

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