Python strangled single mother up to the waist

Python strangled single mother up to the waist

PUCHONG: A single mother was nearly killed after a python got into her home at Kampung Ulu Tawar Tengah, Mukim Bakai in Kulim, Kedah yesterday.

In the incident about 11 pm, the victim was said to be in the kitchen and was preparing food items when suddenly crawling a python believed to enter her house late in the evening.

According to his son, Mohd Rasul Abdullah, 16, was out of the house with his younger brother and when he heard his mother scream. He rushed in and was caught by surprise to see that their mother was being strangled by a python.

“I struggled to help my mom while the other sister ran for a neighbor’s help. “The python cramped up to the waist and fortunately the neighbors quickly helped and saved my mother from becoming a victim,” he said.

He said the incident happened after returning from the Al-Hidayah Mosque (TKHM) program at Al-Hidayah Mosque about 500 meters from home. His mother went to the kitchen to organize the items contributed by Harian Metro and PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS).

“I was outside of the house and I heard my mother scream. Fortunately, I was not going anywhere, or else I do not know what would have happened to my mom,” he said when contacted.

Mohd Rasul said the python was then killed and he immediately sent his mother to Kulim Hospital (HK) for further treatment.

Meanwhile, Baling District Public Defense Force (APM) officer, Lieutenant (Civil Defense) Mohd Faizol Ab Aziz, said he received a call at 11.30pm and reached the site 40 minutes later.

He said the six-meter-long snake was hit by residents in an effort to save the victim.

“Fortunately, the victims were saved and sent to the hospital. The uncertain weather conditions are the cause for the pythons going into the settlement of human population.

“The area also has swamps and shrubs that accommodates the python near to the house,” he said.