President Maduro calls on Venezuelans to focus on country’s recovery

President Maduro calls on Venezuelans to focus on country’s recovery

KUALA LUMPUR: Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro called on all Venezuelans to focus on the recovery of the country following his coalition’s victory at the parliamentary elections held over last weekend.

According to a statement provided by the Venezuelan Embassy in Malaysia today, Maduro, when speaking at an international press conference on Tuesday, urged people of Venezuela “to leave pride and egos aside, to sit down, put the agenda and start writing a new history.”

The president said his government would focus on two achievements – on the permanent economic recovery and on the support, to all its entrepreneurs, productive sectors and political dialogue for economic reconciliation.

“We have fulfilled one objective, to peacefully retake the Assembly with the popular vote. There has been a demonstration of the strength of our society, institutions and people, Venezuela could go to our elections in peace, made them in peace and we are at peace,” he said.

Maduro said 2020 has been a year with double tests due to the COVID-19 of which Venezuela has faced with its own methods and advantageous results, as well as the intensification of the “war” of the United States government against the country.

He said this “war” is not only an economic war against trade, gasoline, oil and food, but also daily media war that he described as brutal and never seen before.

“The world of interventionism has to come to an end, international legality must be respected, and no one has the right to qualify exclusive internal affairs,” he said.

He said the newly elected National Assembly will have important opposition leaders and the mechanisms of dialogue with the whole country.

According to Xinhua news agency, the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) Indira Alfonzo on Monday announced that the government coalition obtained a parliamentary majority in Sunday’s legislative election, garnering 67.6 per cent of the votes with 82.35 per cent of the ballots counted.

The elections was mostly boycotted by opposition parties.

Meanwhile, Maduro also spoke on his predecessor Hugo Chávez’s historic proclamation eight years ago, in which the late President asked the people of Venezuela to choose Maduro as their leader.

“He had already arranged everything, the future of Venezuela, he left us all his sons and daughters, that we have remained united by the love for our commander (Chavez).

“As serious as the aggressions, sanctions and difficulties have been, we still clear the way for the country, we will leave an identity as Bolivar left it, of country, of people, and we are not a colony of anyone,” he said.