Powering Ideas to Revive and Relaunch Malaysia X-Change Malaysia ’21 – 1st Edition

Powering Ideas to Revive and Relaunch Malaysia X-Change Malaysia ’21 – 1st Edition

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Twenty-four (24) lifestyle and tourism experts from Malaysia lifestyle, travel and tourism industry including those from the United Kingdom, France and Germany have confirmed their participation as guests panelists at X-Change Malaysia ’21, scheduled to take place on 21 October, 2021.

Keynote Address by: Dato Haji Zainuddin Abdul Wahab, Director General, Tourism Malaysia
Keynote Address by: Dato Haji Zainuddin Abdul Wahab, Director General, Tourism Malaysia

The virtual programme will highlight keynote address by the newly-appointed Director General of Tourism Malaysia, Dato’ Haji Zainuddin Abdul Wahab and a welcome speech by the Chairman of Global Chamber of Business Leaders, Mr Dejan Stancer.

The programme’s tagline, “Powering Ideas to Revive and Relaunch Malaysia” encourages the travel trade professionals to join and engage in inspiring and positive conversations, moderated by Dr Farizal Razalli, Research & Analytical Director, Ab & Artho. Guest panelists will exchange their thoughts, ideas on opportunities and challenges as the industry prepares to revive and relaunch Malaysia.

There will be two (2) webinars, four (4) seminars and a virtual boutique travel shop showcasing about 50 Malaysian suppliers offering services ranging from accommodations, leisure attractions, transportations, health and wellness, sporting activities to bespoke experiences such as culture, nature, gastronomic trips and more.

The first segment of the webinar will start at 10:00am Malaysian time (GMT+8) to discuss on topic: How Malaysia’s global re-launch unveils immense opportunities (and challenges); the new motivations and aspirations that define the endemic/post-COVID19 travellers and how can products and services be refreshed and restyled to appeal to travellers; how sustainability is propelling the new way forward and discussion on how can we navigate the future via two indispensable enablers/catalysts – high quality human capital (talents) and robust tech mastery and facility.

The afternoon webinar scheduled at 16:00pm Malaysian time (GMT+8), highlights topic: As global nomads look for exceptional travel experiences, personalisation is expeditiously re-inventing the codes of Malaysia’s tourism. Get to know what influences travel decision of the inbound travellers, especially as Malaysia is gearing up towards the re-opening of her borders; how is Malaysia preparing towards the resumption of international travels.

X-Change Malaysia ’21 is curated by Ab & Artho Tourism Marketing & PR in solidarity with collaborators namely Nazsoft Tech, Traveloka, Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL), Tourism Malaysia, PR Newswire and the Malaysian French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MFCCI).

To register, please visit website www.xchangemalaysia.abartho.com or click here: Registration X-Change Malaysia ’21

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