PMQ presents Hong Kong’s largest design festival deTour 2022 themed “Design as One”

PMQ presents Hong Kong’s largest design festival deTour 2022 themed “Design as One”

HONG KONG, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PMQ proudly presents the annual Hong Kong design festival deTour 2022, sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. To be previewed on 18 November and officially convening from 25 November to 4 December, deTour 2022 will explore the essential role of design in creating a better future for mankind through an inventive series of installations, exhibitions, workshops and design dialogues.

Designing the community’s future as one

In an increasingly complex world, our inner voice becomes one of the few unclouded windows to understanding ourselves and perceiving others. The overarching theme of deTour 2022, “Design as One”, is to visualize the power of collective participation. The exhibitions will echo the voices of the people, as art pieces reflect on the data collected from the community’s social and habitual behaviors. In this highly collaborative process, festival patrons are transformed from pedestrians to co-participants of the exhibition.

Shin Wong leads the elaborate curation process as the curator-at-large in deTour 2022. Together with Chi-wing Lee, Kay Chan Wan Ki and STICKYLINE, the curators will also act as narrators to connect different groups and communities at installations. Through asking questions, collecting and interpreting answers on different issues, deTour 2022 will continually build on the power of participation as the data collected transforms into results in the form of evolving art pieces. Throughout deTour 2022, PMQ will exhibit one international collaboration, four feature exhibitions and 14 selected entries to ignite possibilities and bring human-centered design to our society through a diverse experience.

Exhibition highlight: About Time by Domestic Data Streamers

Time flies for the ones having fun and drags for the bored. Sometimes it works in a man’s favor; in other times it races against. Time inevitably destroys all things but also heals all wounds. Our relationship with time speaks volumes about our culture, habits and character; it defines who we are and how we act. PMQ is honored to be collaborating with Domestic Data Streamers to create About Time, a series of installations that explore our relationship with time and memory through participation and data visualization, creating a reflective space that will grow over the course of the festival. The installations will be available starting from 25 November.

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