PM: Malaysian family has role to play in maintaining country’s sovereignty

PM: Malaysian family has role to play in maintaining country’s sovereignty

PUTRAJAYA: The responsibility to ensure Malaysia remained sovereign, peaceful and prosperous, does not rest with the security forces and government machinery alone, but it should be borne by the entire Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysian Family), said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Speaking at the opening of the 2022 National Security Conference (PKN22) held in conjunction with National Security Month Celebration here today, he said the concept of the Malaysian Family which he initiated since August 2021, carried a very relevant spirit which synergised with the national security philosophy.

“The Malaysian family aims to ensure that our large family, which consists of the various races and religious backgrounds, lives in peace and harmony thus translating the three main values ​​of ‘Inclusion’, ‘togetherness’ and ‘gratitude’.

“It also proves that the ​​Family idea is not just a rhetoric or slogan but the interests and well-being of the people are given priority, just like taking care of a family,“ he said.

Ismail Sabri said national security is a national interest which is important for the Malaysian Family to understand and they must embrace the spirit.

“If any of our family member is threatened, we will face them together and defend them,” he said adding that it was akin to united we stand, divided we fall.

“In fact, there is a philosophy that says, if we want to transform the country to be safer and more prosperous, we must also start with having a harmonious, strong and prosperous family,“ he said.

He said the National Security Council (MKN) had developed a strategic and comprehensive National Security Policy (DKN) to face the projections of various potential issues, challenges and threats.

As the NSC chairman, he sees that the policy would complement the government’s plans including the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (12MP), aimed at the prosperity of the country.

“The national security aspect is very important and needs to be emphasised in all aspects of life by the Malaysian Family. This is because no one wants a family to fall apart, let alone a family that is insecure and in disharmony,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ismail Sabri said the challenges of national security management also include aspects of daily life such as food security, which has an impact on national security if not managed properly.

He said the food security issue should not be seen from the perspective of agriculture, livestock and food supply alone because it is also closely linked to the instability that is happening at the international level.

“The Russia-Ukraine conflict, as well as extreme climate change are examples of the effects of the global chain, which has affected the entire Malaysian Family as well.

“If no early preparations are made, the country will definitely face risks that will ultimately affect social and economic stability and have serious security implications,“ he said.

The PKN22 conference with the theme of National Security, Shared Responsibility is attended by 300 participants comprising academicians, industry players and national security agency members who have come together to share ideas in addressing the increasingly complex security challenges.-Bernama