PDRM’s witty guidelines on Facebook dating

PDRM’s witty guidelines on Facebook dating

PUCHONG: Malaysian police have come up with safety guidelines for using Facebook’s new dating feature. The feature will allow you to add nine Facebook friends to a ‘crush’ list on the social network giant’s new dedicated online dating site.

” Are there any netizens who have used dating functions within Facebook? How is it, okay or not?”, the statement started with a witty connotation.

Generally, this dating feature is developed to help Facebook users find partners online. This functionality is built into Facebook without having to download the app separately. When this Dating function is enabled, you can see the pair’s suggestion displayed on the user’s own specifications within a maximum distance of 100km.

In the Facebook posting, police are not concerned with how it works, but security measures one need to self regulate if they plan to use it.

The guidelines are as following:

1. Do not disclose your full name, financial information, address, phone number, workplace or whatever information you are currently talking to someone newly identified. Take necessary precaution or report immediately if any individual requests your personal information.

2. Abandon the request of anyone who wants you to send money or donate a donation.

3. Do not trust the information displayed by any person in the Facebook Dating profile. Research their background beforehand if you plan to face each other.

4. Tell family or acquaintances about planning your appointment by specifying the location and time you will be returning home.

5. Avoid meeting appointments in a quiet area. Preferably in the open and in the public.

6. In the event you are uncomfortable or not feeling safe to see the individual, please be mindful. Trust your instincts and gut feelings can save you big time.

The admin also had a special note to Facebook users who use motorcycle and tyre rims photos on their Facebook profiles.

“How am I going to get to know you? Oh my goodness…”

By: Hema Subramaniam