Pakatan should reform itself first, Dr M should also go

Pakatan should reform itself first, Dr M should also go

The resignation of Education Minister Maszlee Malik came pretty abruptly indeed as he was seen actively announcing some new policies for his ministry just less than 24 hours before. Guess the public pressure was just too much to bear, not only by him but also the prime minister that had appointed him to the position. Infamously known as the ”black shoe” minister, Maszlee started on the wrong footing with the public at large.

There was definitely no necessity to do so. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is time maybe the Pakatan Harapan council collectively also advise the prime minister to resign with some other Cabinet ministers. Far too many blunders are being made by the current ministers. Pakatan Harapan must take a deep look into their capabilities and not go around shooting blindly just to make a point that they are better than the previous government. This is not in support of the past mistakes done by the Barisan Nasional government, but rather to point out that in the haste of proving your enemies wrong, you are actually fumbling and making far greater mistakes than them. Two wrongs may not make a right…but it will definitely cause further misery and pain to the public.

The only song that Pakatan Harapan leaders can sing is the ”Najib Song”. Hello, how long you want to go sing that song? The public is not stupid. We know the past and we thank you for making things public. But that does not mean that Pakatan Harapan gets a free ride forever and continue making blunders after blunders. There must be a tipping point where you begin afresh. There have been too many mistakes done which are not at all directly related to Najib and 1MDB fiasco. When a party keeps faulting the previous management for everything, it only goes on to show that you are not capable to steer the ship out of troubled waters.

The public needs clear policy making; be it on the issue of taxes, education, social or economy. The mega U-Turns that have been made to the extend we have gigantic roundabouts circling almost every ministry only projects the lack of ground works done by each minister, the officers and departments. They keep saying that they need time. Sure, but then in the process, do we the rakyat, must first suffer the damage for the ministers to learn – and for how long? The minister may be learning but people are losing jobs, businesses are closing down, the education system has become rotten, the racial divide is getting worse and draconian laws have yet to be amended or repealed.

In essence, the government services are going nowhere in improving and the people have little avenues to bring forth their grouses.

The same people when they were in the opposition, they were drooling to get public support, but now that they sit in Putrajaya, the normal public has become allergens. Come on, Pakatan Harapan; REFORM yourselves first before reforming the country. Or just go for snap general election and let independents win more seats to form the government; as both the past and present have been disappointing.

Narinder Pal Singh is a veteran political observer.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of The Leaders Online.