ONEDAY BIOTECH to unveil ‘One Drilling System’ at IDS 2023

ONEDAY BIOTECH to unveil ‘One Drilling System’ at IDS 2023
  • One Drilling System Completing the Implant Procedure with Just One Drilling Exclusively
  • Company Specializing in Implants Pursuing ‘One-Day-Completion Implant’

SEOUL, South Korea, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ONEDAY BIOTECH (CEO Kim Jin-hwan), a dental product manufacturer specializing in one-day-completion implants system, announced on the 7th that they will showcase outstanding products including One Drilling System that is able to complete implant procedures with a single Drilling by participating in the world’s largest dental press exhibition held in Cologne, Germany for five days from March 14th.

ONEDAY BIOTECH to unveil ‘One Drilling System' at IDS 2023.
ONEDAY BIOTECH to unveil ‘One Drilling System’ at IDS 2023.

‘One Drilling System’, which is recognized as the best surgical KIT, is able to reduce the procedure stage and time for dentists dramatically, minimize pain of the procedure for patients, and collect and use the patient’s autogenous bones by applying a special drill shape structure. Any clients who visit the ONEDAY BIOTECH booth may implement consultations and demonstrations at this IDS exhibition, and we will even offer special gifts to all clients who visit.

ONEDAY BIOTECH will also showcase digital equipment including Oneday Digital Guide KIT, Intra-Oral Scanner and Face Scan, which greatly reinforced Digital Dentistry Line-up in the existing implant system at the exhibition. The Intra-Oral Scanner, which was launched in 2022, is obtaining positive responses in the entry-level market with fast speed, usability, and reasonable prices.

ONEDAY BIOTECH has secured client-trust and a number of proven clinical cases of superior technology and quality over the past 7 years, certified by FDA in 2020 and CE in 2021, and exports implants to over 30 countries worldwide as of 2023.

ONEDAY BIOTECH also won the $ 1 million Export Tower on Trade Day 2022 according to this export performance. Moreover, it received investment from RAY Co., Ltd. in recognition of its performance according to outstanding technology and vision of the company. RAY serves as a shareholder of ONEDAY BIOTECH and shares the digital lineup with ONEDAY BIOTECH of RAY.

ONEDAY BIOTECH CEO Kim Jin Hwan will further expand and raise awareness on the world stage and contribute to the improvement of human oral health with this IDS by spreading technology and products in order to countries where implants are vulnerable he expressed his ambition.