Not wrong for pregnant woman consuming food in Ramadan

Not wrong for pregnant woman consuming food in Ramadan

PUCHONG: Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman emphasized that viewing a pregnant Muslim woman eat during fasting month of Ramadan does not have an impact on him as a practicing Muslim.

“As a Muslim man I am not challenged or affected if a pregnant woman ate in front of me.  I also would not label the woman as being disrespectful to Ramadan,” he said on Twitter.

He said this in reaction to a female Twitter user @sunmentari who highlighted the restriction for pregnant women during the fasting month.

“I don’t walk outside. If I do, I pack food from home. I don’t eat in the public in respect of the Ramadan month, not due to discrimination. Blame Jakim, Oh My God no.”

Syed Saddiq also condemned the action of a branch of a franchised restaurant that denied Muslims an opportunity to eat within the premises.

“Absurd. Simply, absurd,” he said in response to the experience of Farah Azmin who was denied the opportunity to feed her child at Pappa Rich in KLIA

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