Nimo TV Joins Hands with Non-profit Organization to Send Warmth to Impoverished Villages on The Country’s Border

Nimo TV Joins Hands with Non-profit Organization to Send Warmth to Impoverished Villages on The Country’s Border

Connecting in Love and Hope, Nimo TV and the Non-profit Organization Help Poverty-Stricken Villages in the Southeast region of Vietnam

GUANGZHOU, China, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The charity event themed “Spread Love & Connection” was held jointly by Nimo TV and the non-profit organization “Saigon Night” (Đêm Sài Gòn) on March 11 in Tan Thanh commune, Tay Ninh province – a poor village in the VietnamCambodia border. The event aims to help local poor families and students, and illuminate their lives with hope and assistance through the activities of giving gifts to poor people and playing with children.

During the event, Nimo TV donated a total of supplies worth hundreds of millions of VND, including currency, daily necessities, bicycles, school supplies, and others which were expected to help more than 210 households in the village, covering about 1,000 children of Primary school & Junior high school in Tan Thanh commune.

According to Amie Lam – head of Nimo TV Vietnam said that: “This event is remarkable to debut Nimo TV’s series of charity events for 2023. Nimo TV hopes to take it as the starting point to promote a variety of charity activities. It is expected that NimoTV will bring a positive social impact on our platform to the social community. In the future, we hope to connect streamers, talent agencies, volunteers and charity organizations will be connected together to work on valuable projects to better serve the communities in Vietnam.”

Located on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia, Tà Dơ in Tan Thanh commune is one of the poorest places in Vietnam. Many local poor families live there in houses of only 5 to 10 square meters near Dau Tieng lake. Most local residents are illiterate with no household registration or ID card. They also lack stable jobs and struggle for food and basic education.

Nimo TV and “Saigon Night” decided to organize the “Spread Love & Connection” campaign for local people after conducting several actual surveys. The campaign has received positive responses from streamers and talent agencies of Nimo TV such as SBTC Zeros, Thay Pu, Alicia, Chu Don, Hanakoishi, A Thoong, Jangbii, Vani, PIT idol team, Hyo idol team and Angel idol team, etc.

In the early morning of March 11, Nimo TV’s staff, Nimo streamers, Nimo idol, and Saigon Night volunteers arrived at Tan Thanh commune. They came to Tan Thanh Primary school to set up and prepare for the event day. There were many supply booths for poor people which gave them daily necessities such as rice, noodles, oil, toothpaste, and toothbrush…Next, some key members visited poor elderly people and gave them gifts.

Besides, in the local school where they prepared a food gallery and fun interactive games for children. With the wonderful entertainment shows, Nimo TV streamers/idols played games with the students and gave them gifts, including brand-new books, stationery, and 10 bicycles. The school principal – Mr. Pham Van Toan – expressed his gratitude to Nimo TV and Saigon Nights for their support and help, which gave the students a warm and happy day.

Nimo TV’s streamer Zeros expressed that he was deeply touched by the trip to Tan Thanh commune and believed this event would help the audience understand further about society and the hard of poor people.

“Our hopes, or ambitions, are big. We want to bring as much love and goodwill as possible in every charity event we conduct, and do something that is beneficial to our users and society,” said Amie Lam. In the future, Nimo TV hopes to raise individuals’ awareness of social responsibilities by taking advantage of its advanced content form and communication method like live streaming.

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