Najib: Stop the poppycock Pakatan! Our palm oil exports to India has dived

Najib: Stop the poppycock Pakatan! Our palm oil exports to India has dived

PUCHONG: Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that Malaysia palm oil produce exports to India has dropped sharply despite the Pakatan Harapan government saying otherwise.

In a Facebook post today, Najib said that data from the Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB), published yesterday, showed that the nation’s palm oil produce export to India last month dropped by 60% since August.

“There is a 60% drop of our palm oil produce exports to India last month from the amount exported back in August.

“Data from the International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI) also showed that our palm oil produce exports dropped in September from the month before and the same month last year,” he said.

Last month, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad courted India’s fury by alleging that the subcontinent had ‘invaded and occupied’ Kashmir.

Several businesses and social media users in India have called for their government to boycott Malaysia’s exports, including palm oil.

Last week, Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok said Malaysia need not worry about India boycotting Malaysia’s palm oil produce, as the boycott call was an advisory from their businesses, not the Indian government itself

India is Malaysia’s number one palm oil purchaser to date.

Taking Kok to task, Najib said the minister should not downplay the severity of the issue as India is the biggest palm oil produce purchaser from Malaysia, far bigger than China and the European Union (EU).

“I have provided evidence to the government that the boycott was coming, albeit in an unofficial manner as India has been silent about it.

“MPOB indicated that our exports to India have dropped by 44% in September and it has predicted that it will be worse in October. Even MITIs data showed the same thing,” he said.

Najib warned that even if palm oil prices recoup in the long run, it does not mean India would purchase the commodity from Malaysia.

“The biggest beneficiary will be our neighbour (Indonesia). Although our politicians talk big about the surge in palm oil prices, MPOB and MITI have indicated that our palm oil exports have plummeted,” he said.

By Irman Hashim

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