Practicing politics of vengeance over NFCorp?

Practicing politics of vengeance over NFCorp?

PUCHONG: Amanah’s candidate for Jasin parliament seat, Khairuddin Abu Hassan urged the Finance Ministry (MOF) to not practice politics of vengeance in resolving the issues surrounding National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp).

“Don’t practice politics of vengeance. If there is a positive solution that profits the government, we should make that priority,” said Khairuddin in a statement to The Leaders Online.

“The people want to see a positive solution to this problem. It is vital that the formula profits both the government and Malaysians,” he added.

He also questioned why the Finance Ministry was not considering the fact that the new investing company was willing to take over NFCorp and foot the losses with cash.

“Why is the MOF not considering the new credible company that is taking over NFCorp even though the company is willing to settle the losses with cash payment.

“Why is the best solution being shoved aside?”

He said this in light of Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s plans to initiate a legal suit against NFCorp even though it has been revealed that there is a new company that is willing to take over the project and foot the RM250 million debt that NFCorp had accumulated.

“The Finance Ministry should take an open approach to regain NFCorp’s losses amounting to RM250 million. There is a local and credible company willing to take over the NFCorp project and foot the losses,” he said.

The former Batu Kawan vice chief also said that the new company had a very good blue print to expand the poultry industry which would serve to having a strong national food security plan.

“In my view it is vital that we regain the RM250 million for the government even as the nation is facing financial constraints. It is pointless for all if the government does not gain monetary gains through the courts,” he also said.

He added that legal action should be the government’s last resort only if negotiations fail.

“Don’t be too rigid and wish to penalize them,” he said.

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