Missing boy found safe with biological father

Missing boy found safe with biological father

KUALA LUMPUR: A boy who was reported missing in Wangsa Maju, here since Saturday was found safe with his biological father, yesterday afternoon.

Wangsa Maju District Police chief Supt Rajab Ahad Ismail said the eight-year-old’s disappearance stemmed from the fact the mobile phone of the child’s adoptive father, who is also the biological father’s brother, had spoiled.

“The child’s biological father came to the (brother’s) house on Saturday morning and at that time, the child’s adoptive father was not at home as he had gone to the shop.

“The biological father decided to take the child to his house but it is understood that he failed to inform his brother because the brother’s mobile phone was damaged.“

Rajab Ahad said when the adoptive father could not find the child after looking for him, he lodged a police report at the Wangsa Maju Police Station yesterday, and the police later issued a ‘Nur Alert’ on the missing child.

He said the child’s biological father was shocked when he saw the Nur Alert, and immediately took the child to the Wangsa Maju District Police Headquarters for further action.

“According to their unwritten agreement, the adoptive father of the child will take care of the child while the biological father will meet him at certain times.

“It is unclear why his (the child’s) adoptive father did not call his brother or repair his mobile phone throughout the ordeal,“ he said.-Bernama