MH370: Ukrainian passenger’s daughter blasts wild claims her dad hijacked Malaysia Airlines jet

MH370: Ukrainian passenger’s daughter blasts wild claims her dad hijacked Malaysia Airlines jet

Sergi Deineka, an ex-Ukrainian military personnel, has been accused of being involved in the jet’s disappearance – a claim that has rubbished by his daughter Liza.

The daughter of a passenger on board the doomed MH370 plane has hit out at claims her dad was involved in hijacking the missing plane.

It is believed he died on board with 238 other passengers after the plane went missing flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014.

CNN aviation pundit Jeff Wise believes he was part of a mission to hijack the plane by Russia before it was flown to Kazakhstan in a new book.

The book looks into two others along with Deineka who Wise believes were in on the secret mission.

Mr Wise also publishes social media posts from Deineka’s daughter Liza which said her dad was
“alive, healthy” and “temporarily on an unscheduled trip” following the plane’s disappearance.


“Since March 8, 2014, I have not seen or heard (from) my dad”, Liza told The Daily Star Online.

“The evidence is that he is not dead, so all I can do is hope for the best.

“This way. They flew to Beijing to get a visa.

“No plane wreckage was found, so I can’t be sure that they crashed. All I can do is hope that people could be saved.

“Unfortunately, so far no one has given us reliable information about what happened to the plane and the people in it.”

The allegations come after a social media post was unearthed a year after the crash which alluded to the fact Liza would celebrate her dad’s birthday.

In his book, he said: “Understanding that Sergei Deineka’s birthday was March 26 helped put another Sprashivai exchange in context.


“Shortly after midnight on March 26, 2015, someone asked her: ‘What are your plans for tomorrow?

“She answered: ‘University, then DR. In Russian, DR is the abbreviation for den’ rozhdeniya, or birthday.

“It sounded like she planned to celebrate her father’s birthday – an odd thing, it seemed to me, if he’s been presumed dead for over a year.

“A follow up question came immediately: ‘Are you going to be together tomorrow?’

“Liza replied warily: ‘Watching who you are’.

“Then, that evening, at 9.25pm, someone broached the subject again: ‘How was the DR?’

“Liza answered: ‘I do not want to talk about this’”

But Mr Wise has said there may be an innocent explanation.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 became one of the world’s greatest aviation mysteries when it vanished without a traceback in March 2014.

After five years of theories about what happened to the passenger plane and where it is, we look at what the latest opinions are.