MH370: five years of aviation’s greatest mysteries

MH370: five years of aviation’s greatest mysteries

Five years after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370’s disappearance, we still don’t know what happened to the plane or the 239 people onboard.

And despite years of effort and a multinational search in Asia and the Indian Ocean that became the most expensive in aviation history, we may never find out what happened.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke had said the government was willing to consider proposals from Ocean Infinity to resume the search. Loke had said Malaysia would consider the matter “if there is a proposal and credible leads”.

Family members of those on board felt the government should be displaying more than just a passive stance and instead take the lead for a new hunt.

While the huntto locate MH370 has so far failed to turn up any conclusive evidence as to where the plane might be or what the motive behind its disappearance could be, we aren’t completely clueless.

Researchers are pretty sure the main body of wreckage would have ended up in either the south of the Indian Ocean, where the main search efforts have been concentrated, or off the coast of Madagascar.

Various pieces of debris have washed up on east coast of Africa or on nearby islands.

For many though, this isn’t enough.

The questions the disappearance of MH370 left us with, coupled with inconclusive search findings, have prompted some to fill the vacuum with conspiracy theories.

And while many are outlandish and implausible, experts say there are reasons why people believe them — and the case sheds light on why the sometimes bizarre theories spread in the internet age.

Meanwhile on MH370 Families , they strongly urge the government that the search must go on.

The families posted, “It was 5 years ago today, 239 lives vanished, and still are today. The desire to find the truth of the disappearance of our loved ones never diminished, instead it burns ever stronger. The Search must go on.”


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