MCA to AG Chambers: Why refuse to prosecute sex predators?

MCA to AG Chambers: Why refuse to prosecute sex predators?

PUCHONG: The MCA hurled brickbats on Attorney General (AG) Tan Sri Tommy Thomas for using his discretionary powers in refusing to prosecute senior students who sexually abused a junior three years ago.

In a fiery statement against Thomas, MCA spokesperson Chan Quin Er told Thomas to explain why he refused to prosecute the sexual predators despite the Ipoh Magistrate Court acknowledging there was an offence committed against the victim, who was only nine-years old then.

“Why is Thomas meddling in a court proceeding? His action is only tarnishing the reputation of his own office.

“His refusal to prosecute sexual predators is sending a wrong message to the society and makes a mockery of the court.

“Thomas should go back and read his own book, ‘Abuse of Power’ and stop meddling in court proceedings,” said Chan.

On Mon, Magistrate Mohammad Afifi Mohammad Deen decided to dismiss the case of alleged sexual abuse against a minor at the Maahad Tahfiz al Barakah school in Manjoi, Ipoh, merely two months after recognising that an offence did take place.

Afifi made the decision after he received a letter from the Perak State Legal Adviser’s Office, under the directive of Thomas, to not pursue the case.

The mother of the victim was visibly upset with the decision, saying it would set an ugly precedence, where a minor who become a victim of bullying, assault, sodomy or rape will not receive justice, just because they are well-connected.

Article 145(3) of the Federal Constitution grants the AG absolute discretion on whether to prosecute or discontinue a proceeding for an offence.

In a heartfelt post Facebook today, the mother of victim said that although her son did not receive justice now, the perpetrators and those who refused to prosecute them would be answerable to God later.

“To the prosecutor, ‘thank you’ for choosing to not prosecute those who committed crimes against my child.

“I’m confident, you will also be prosecuted one day, at the Court of God in the afterlife. Be ready, since you are a Muslim too,” she said.

The tahfiz school used to be owned by celebrity Islamic preacher Datuk Kazim Elias. However, he no longer owns the school now.

Training his guns against Thomas, Chan reminded Thomas of the suffering endured by the victim, who is now 13-years old, and is still undergoing therapy at the Hospital Bahagia in Tanjung Rambutan for his trauma.

He also urged Thomas to empathise with the humiliation and emotional trauma suffered by the child as it not only affects the victim but also his parents.

“Your ugly decision is a double whammy for the child. Not only was he brutalised by these sex predators but the key institutions that are supposed to deliver justice have also failed him.

“I wish to remind Thomas that Item 19 of Pakatan Harapan’s election manifesto is to restore public trust in the judicial and legal institutions.

“However, Thomas, you just stomped on these so-called reforms, said Chan.

By G Vinod