MCA: Keep talents locally by offering better pay

MCA: Keep talents locally by offering better pay

PUCHONG: The government’s plan to send local blue-collared workers to work in Japan shows Pakatan Harapan’s failure to create jobs and provide better wages in the country.

“Wouldn’t it be better if Malaysians were given job opportunities locally and paid accordingly? Instead, the government is planning to export skilled local labour to other countries.

“This will increase our dependence on foreign labour and contribute to the brain drain phenomenon,” said MCA Publicity Bureau deputy chairman Mike Chong in a statement.

On Monday, Kyodo News was reported saying that Malaysia is planning to send skilled workers to Japan under the new visa programme the latter launched on April 1.

The two countries plan to strike a deal as early as July, when Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran visits Tokyo to sign a memorandum of cooperation (MOC).

“We are working with the Japanese government to formulate a MOC on sending workers to Japan as they have opened up 14 sectors to foreigners,” a Malaysia government official told Kyodo News.  

The move received mixed response from the public, prompting Kulasegaran to defend the plan saying it was unfair to deny Malaysians good jobs overseas.

“At least with a formal deal, there would be better protection and monitoring of these Malaysians and their development could also be monitored,” Kulasegaran was reported saying.

Hurling brickbats on the plan, Chong said the government should instead implement a better minimum wage system which will attract more Malaysians to take up 3D jobs locally.

“We also urge the government to take steps to reinforce the national economy by restoring foreign investors’ confidence through effective economic policies.

“This will naturally create more jobs and increase worker’s pay, which in turn will revitalise our economy and strengthen the Ringgit,” he said.

By G Vinod

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