Matriculation woes for Indian students to be resolved soon

Matriculation woes for Indian students to be resolved soon

PUCHONG: The problems faced by Indian students who have been denied a chance for the matriculation has cropped up once more.

Many parents and students have vented out their frustrations on social media over their failure in getting placements for the programme.

Some of the issue brought up by social media pages
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The concerns were raised to Minister in Prime Minister’s Department in charge of National Unity and Social Well Being, P Waythamoorthy and questioned as to why there are no changes despite a new government coming into place.

In a press statement yesterday, Waythamoorthy confirmed that a permanent solution will be announced by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after he raised the issue in the Cabinet.

“This issue has been raised now because concerned parents of smart students thought issue would have changed after PH took over but nothing has changed and they are quite puzzled,” said a source close to Waythamoorthy.

The problem is not a new one. It has been a recurring problem even under the previous Najib administration.

In the past, the community raised similar issues.

In a related development, Malaysian Indian Transformation (Mitra) unit are urging students who failed to get a placement to contact them.

Students can submit their appeal slip, SPM results and co-curriculum marks via WhatsApp to 015 653 4347 or email

A source close to Mitra confirmed that 620 applications have been received so far.

He highlighted that the bureaucracy are becoming a stumbling block for the parents and students.

“The Education Ministry has all the data. It is unnecessary for the bureaucracy to request so many photocopies of the documents.

“The parents and students are being hassled. Poor parents have to spend RM200-300 just to travel all the way from states as far as Johor to come to the ministry.”

“It never happened to other race. Why is it happening to Indians?”

The Leaders Online also spoke to one of the many candidates who were facing the dilemma.

B Kavitha, 17, is among thousands who applied for the matriculation course. She has 4As, 2A-s, 1A+, 3Bs and one C+ for her SPM results.

“I am sad over the rejection. I am wondering why they rejected my application. I applied for the matriculation in September last year,” said Kavitha to The Leaders Online.

She also said that she only had one other option if she cannot get a placement for the matriculation programme – Form Six.