Malay majority seat not an obstacle for PKR’s Indian candidate

Malay majority seat not an obstacle for PKR’s Indian candidate

By K Pragalath

EXCLUSIVE RANTAU:  Dr S Streram does not view the Malay majority Rantau state seat as an obstacle for an Indian candidate like himself.

“I don’t see that as an obstacle.  As a doctor, I don’t treat patients based on race and religion. Similarly, I serve the people of all backgrounds. 

He added that the Malay community has been very warm and receptive to him.

“I don’t see the Malays not accepting me.  They are always warm and receive me with open arms.

A total of 55.11% or 11,283 voters in Rantau are Malays.

He also spoke about his efforts to win over votes from the Malay community, especially from Sendayan where there is a sizeable Malay population including Felda settlements.

“I have knocked on every door in Felda Sendayan.  I have also engaged with the imams and the mosque committees in their activities. 

“Aside from that I have also worked with youths to organise a convoy of Malay bikers.”

Streram stems his confidence in the Malay votes based on his work with the majority community.

Questions were also raised with regards to Pakatan Harapan component party members wanting to contest in the Rantau by-election.

The fact that Streram is not a local candidate has also riled up some component party members who have announced that they would contest in the by-election as independents.

Yesterday, Malay daily Sinar Harian reported that a 52-year-old PKR member Hazan Khalid determined to contest in the by-election as an independent because he was disappointed with the party choosing an outsider.

He told the daily that he doesn’t mind being booted from PKR for his decision.  He also is willing to risk losing his election deposit. He also claimed four other candidates would be contesting as independents.

“There are many candidates, why was Streram chosen?” Hazan was quoted as saying.

Rasah Amanah member Tandiko Dalusin also have announced his intention to contest in the by-election via Facebook.

When asked on this issue, Streram said he did not who Hazan is.

“As for Tandiko, you should ask Amanah.”

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