Looking For Distributors Globally, PowMr Aims To Upgrade Their Service By Working With Local Distributors Worldwide

Looking For Distributors Globally, PowMr Aims To Upgrade Their Service By Working With Local Distributors Worldwide

NEW YORK, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Taking service to a new level, PowMr is looking for global distributors to build local services.

Move To The Next Level

“From the first day PowMr was established, our goal was consistently providing power everywhere. PowMr is devoted to making a more sustainable world and delivering limitless energy beyond all borders,” said PowMr CEO Tony Zou.

Moreover, PowMr is always open to discussing collaboration with any partners and will do their best to help their partners succeed, from great wholesale discounts to professional services. With the growing demand for sustainable energy, they are eager to add reliable, top-quality products to the market.

PowMr Products
PowMr Products

PowMr is a global solar energy company focusing on solar inverters, solar controllers, and lithium batteries. After a decade of success, they are ready to kickstart the next chapter!

Top Selling Solar Controllers And Inverters

PowMr offers a diverse range of solar products, including power inverters, microinverters, hybrid inverters, all-in-one inverters, PWM & MPPT controllers, and lithium batteries. Among these products, all-in-one inverters, MPPT controllers, and lithium batteries are extremely popular—some are Amazon best-sellers. PowMr credits their success to their exceptional understanding of solar products, great supply chains, and top-notch technology. These reasons are why PowMr is so popular in the United States, EU, Philippines, and other regions.


In the future, PowMr will develop more integrated products, such as home systems and ESS. They aim to make all products user-friendly and universally accessible. With the solar energy market exponentially growing, PowMr is ready to expand their market with partners.

About PowMr

PowMr is a solar energy-related technology company, established in 2011, with more than 10 years of experience. PowMr protects their customers with a 2-year warranty on all inverters and controllers and a 5-year warranty on batteries. Their top priority is customer satisfaction. Their decade of success is built upon mutual trust.

People can also join PowMr Facebook Group, which offers updates, extra discounts, a like-minded community, and PowMr Engineers to answer questions. Their Facebook Community is their PowMr Family, and they look forward to growing their family.

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