Local university student loses over RM18,000 to job scam syndicate

Local university student loses over RM18,000 to job scam syndicate

JOHOR BAHRU: A public university student lost RM18,193.98 after a syndicate offered him a job through an ecommerce platform that promised returns on commission within a short period of time.

Johor police chief Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat said the local male victim, aged 22, lodged a report yesterday.

“Early this month, the victim came across a job advertisement on social media through a well-known ecommerce platform and after clicking on a link he was connected to another party via WhatsApp.

“The victim was given the assurance that he was only required to put in an initial capital for the purchase of certain items and this would be returned immediately along with a 10% commission,” he said in a statement today.

Attracted by the offer, the victim transferred the funds to three different local bank accounts as instructed by the syndicate, he added.

The victim later realised he had been duped after he was instructed to make additional payments when he had yet to receive the previous capital payments and commissions.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement, Kamarul Zaman said a local senior citizen lost RM529,300 to a Macau Scam syndicate after a man who claimed to be a police personal called to say he was involved in money laundering.

He said the 85-year-old former employee of a private company received a call from the man sometime in mid May, informing that his bank account would be investigated by the authorities.

“As instructed, the victim then transferred all his money into another bank account, before handing over the online banking details for access into the account to the man.

“Last Wednesday, the elderly man checked his account to find the money had been withdrawn without his knowledge and paid to several unknown parties,” he said, adding that after realising he had been cheated, the victim lodged a police report the next day. – Bernama