Local NGO: Address Indian community’s plight now, Pakatan

Local NGO: Address Indian community’s plight now, Pakatan

PUCHONG: A local NGO championing the rights of minorities urged the government to fulfill its pledge made to the Indian community as soon as possible.

Speaking after delivering a memorandum to the Pakatan Harapan leadership yesterday, Minority Media Organisation (Mime) chairman Harnarain Singh Gill said that it was time for the government to fulfill its 25 points in the Special Manifesto, designed for the Indian community.

“It’s high time for the government to fulfil its 25 points pledge to help the Indian community. It’s long overdue,” he said.

Before the last general election, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir, in a meeting with various Indian NGOs, vowed to do better for the Indian community as opposed to his first premiership stint from 1981 to 2003.

Among the promises made, which was included in the Pakatan Harapan manifesto, were resolving the problem of stateless Indians, providing adequate housing for displaced estate workers, increasing Indian students’ intake in government boarding schools and Mara Junior Science Colleges and integrate the community into mainstream development agenda.

Harnarain said that he sincerely hoped that the government, particularly Indian elected representatives, would take note of the matter and expedite its implementation.

“We need to act with great urgency for the sake of the Indian community,” he said.

The memorandum was accepted by the political secretary to the prime minister, Abu Bakar Yahya.

By G Vinod