Litheli Shines at NHS Expo with Energetic Showcase of Power Supply Innovations

Litheli Shines at NHS Expo with Energetic Showcase of Power Supply Innovations

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Litheli, a globally-recognized brand of portable power supply and green outdoor energy solutions attracted great attention at the National Hardware Show (NHS) held from January 31st to February 2nd, in Las Vegas. The company exhibited a range of innovative product suites offering flexible modular energy storage and one-for-all tool platforms, among which, the latest U20 series became the star of the show.

Visitors take a closer look at Litheli's products on display at exhibition booth of NHS
Visitors take a closer look at Litheli’s products on display at exhibition booth of NHS

“During the expo, we have seen ordinary visitors and professional ones such as distributors and retailers show a lot of interest in our products. The new U20 range impresses people with its revolutionary and futuristic product design and innovative Power Hub model. It is clear that our products will play a key role in freeing tools from the confines of tool sheds and workshops, making them more accessible and efficient for users,” said Ivy Ying, general manager of Litheli overseas business.

Litheli has maintained its fast-growing status in the industry with two major product offerings: portable power stations featuring detachable, modular batteries, and futuristic battery-powered tools. Modular batteries are built and charged in a central Power Hub that allows for easy and convenient use of multiple tools without the need for multiple batteries or charging stations. The Power Hub can be connected to foldable solar panels and various tools that use clean and unlimited natural resources.

The U20 series includes a wide range of tools suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Designed to be “professional tools made for everyone”, the U20 tools cater to various scenarios with well-balanced performance, making the series the go-to choice for customers looking for versatile and high-performing products. The tools suite includes a lawn mower, grass trimmer, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, a wide array of saws, drill, impact driver, spray gun, pressure washer and air pump, all of which are cordless. To power these tools, the U20 series also comes with portable Power Hubs.

Also on display at the expo were the company’s U4 series, a line of compact and lightweight tools, perfect for on-the-go use and small projects, as well as U56. The U56 series will support a larger Power Hub and more professional tools, and one of the unique selling points (USP)s of the U56 series is its focus on home energy storage. It has not officially hit the market yet, but this USP attracted a lot of potential partners at the expo seeking cooperation.

After years of extensive research and development, as well as securing several patents for its groundbreaking technology, Litheli was finally launched in 2020. With its roots tracing back to 2017, the company had invested a significant amount of time in perfecting its product offerings before bringing it to the market. According to Steve Li, founder of Litheli brand, as a young brand, Litheli has a clear positioning: a brand based on standardized clean energy with a mission to improve the efficiency of new energy use and seek innovative and revolutionary possibilities in new energy scenarios. As illustrated by the products and solutions offered so far, Litheli has been working to capture the needs of young users today and create tailor-made products and experiences for them.

Looking ahead, North America will be the most strategically important market for Litheli in 2023. Beyond that, there will also be new product launches in European countries, Japan and China.

About Litheli

Founded in 2017, Litheli is a fast-growing brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of battery-powered tools and portable power stations featuring detachable, modular batteries. By innovatively applying the modular batteries that can be detached from the power station to power cordless tools directly, Litheli aims to create a modular battery-powered ecosystem that significantly boosts the efficiency of green energy use and brings an upgraded experience to global users.

Litheli boasts a strong in-house R&D team of over 180 dedicated professionals and has built a patent portfolio of 428 patents, including 150 patents for invention as of 2022. Currently, Litheli has offices in the United States and Europe, and is looking to grow its global presence in the future.

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