Lift maintenance company not money fleecing syndicate

Lift maintenance company not  money fleecing syndicate

By K Pragalath

SEGAMBUT: Bakat Gemilang Sdn Bhd that has been conducting lift maintenance work in Block B Mandy Villa Apartments for the past six months has denied allegations that it is part of a syndicate to fleece money out of the residents there.

“There is no such thing,” said the company’s manager, identified only as Murali to The Leaders Online.

He said this in response to the allegations of residents in the apartment who have been enduring hardship for months due to faulty lifts.

One lift is completely out of order and the other frightens the hell out of the residents.

Murali clarified that both the lifts has to undergo massive repair works and that takes time to complete. He also added that Bakat Gemilang has only been working on the two lifts for the past six months.

“We can conduct repairs on both the lift at one go but for that to happen it would take two weeks. I pity the residents there. How are they going to move about without lift services?”

Block B of Mandy Villa is made up apartments in 12 floors.

Hence there was a need to repair one lift while suspending the other lift.

“We are repairing stage by stage. The current lift that operates would be ready by next month. Upto 60 % of the maintenance and repair work has been completed,” said Murali.

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