Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group launches ‘Safety =’ campaign

Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group launches ‘Safety =’ campaign

KUALA LUMPUR: Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group (KLCT) has launched the ‘Safety =’ campaign, focusing on ‘Safety = Savings’ for commercial fleet operators to encourage safer vehicle operation and reduce road accidents.

Malaysia’s only full-service fleet tyre management provider, the company said in a statement that the integrated campaign was launched recently at the Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Expo 2019.

The focus will change industry perceptions of safety, via education for fleet operators, working with chief executive officers to change organisational safety culture, help enforce existing policies and standards, alongside services and technology to improve proactive management of fleet operations.

From publications to collaborations with their partners, KLCT will share its wealth of tyre safety knowledge over the next six months.

The statement added that KLCT can offer organisations an audit on their fleet tyre management, through KL Compass, delivering a bespoke overview of how they can save money via better tyre management.

KLCT’s KL 24/7 will be shortly relaunching its nationwide tyre rescue service, with a subscription model, giving customers fast, effective tyre rescue services for a flat rate based on fleet size.

The Road Safety Plan 2014-2020 has set a target to reduce 50 per cent of deaths and serious injuries resulting from road accidents by 2020.

The effects can already be seen through reduced road fatalities in 2018 (5,870 cases compared to 6,265 in 2017), yet total road accidents rose from 533,875 in 2017 to 548,598 last year.

Commercial or industry partners wishing to support the push for safer operations can contact Mohd Zahurin Bin Mohd Zin or Michael Hutt at Kit Loong Commercial Tyre Group.

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