In need of a truly independent IPCMC now

In need of a truly independent IPCMC now

I refer to the statement made by IGP Abdul Hamid Bador today and Special Branch (SB) chief Mohamed Farid Abu Hassan statement yesterday on the complaints raised by Selangor Chinese Assembly (KLSCAH) Youth Chief Siah Kwong Liang and Universiti Malaya Association of New Youth (UMANY) President Wong Yan Ke.

Both the top police officers said that they will investigate the allegations. The IGP further stated that the police respect the freedom of speech and freedom to assemble. We welcome both these statements but it is not convincing enough.

We would like to raise this is yet another clear indication that we need the IPCMC -Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission so that such complaints can be channeled through an Independent Commission to investigate and take action.

This will give more confidence to the complainer as well as the public on the outcome of the investigations.

When someone does a public assembly; irrespective of how peaceful it was, in most occasions the police will lodge their own police report to facilitate an investigation.

In this case, when the activist complaint was first published in the media, the police should have immediately lodged their own police report against their SB officer and allow the criminal investigation be conducted by the Crime Department.

Did that take place? I don’t think so. Here the SB Chief said that he will investigate his own boys from his own department. So whether the SB Chief be able to get a neutral and fair assessment is a big doubt?.

PSM calls upon investigation to be conducted by an independent body and with the absence of this, police should at least investigate the matter in a more professional manner.

We hope the current Parliament session will immediately pass the law on the IPCMC and the bill must truly reflect its independence.

We don’t want to see the repeat on how the Task Force investigating the disappearance of Pastor Raymond Koh and Perlis activist Amri Che Mat has unfolded disappointingly.


By S Arutchelvan, PSM central committee member

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