Hong Kong Women’s Powerlifting Champion Launches Performance-Focused Activewear Line

Hong Kong Women’s Powerlifting Champion Launches Performance-Focused Activewear Line

HONG KONG, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —The LFG Squad is Hong Kong’s newest activewear brand that has taken the local fitness scene by storm. Differentiating itself from the heavily yoga-focused activewear market, LFG targets weightlifters and athletes who are looking for better-suited alternatives for their training purposes.

The term ‘LFG’ itself is a common phrase used in the global fitness scene to encourage one to strive for more, and to push themselves out of their comfort zones. Founder of The LFG Squad is Stella LeeHong Kong’s Women Powerlifting Champion 2021 who is set to represent the nation as part of the Hong Kong Powerlifting Team.


Strong is the new aesthetic. A strength coach based in Hong Kong, Stella has seen a shift of fitness goals in women from solely wanting to be slim, to having more strength and performance-focused goals. This is a huge step forward in Asia – where the traditional beauty standards for women are of a slim, non-muscular physique.

Stella created LFG as she saw a gap in the activewear market for athletes who may have different priorities in their choice of workout clothing. The new activewear line includes training gear for both men and women, with a prime focus on comfort and functionality.

“I wanted to create something special – not just for athletes, but also for those who are working hard to better themselves day in and out –  functional activewear that can support their training and goals while being super comfortable and looks good.”


The LFG Squad offers international shipping, and has most recently expanded to Singapore, in partnership with a local gym The Lion’s Den on Robinson Road. Singaporeans can head down to the gym to get a feel of the fabric and shop LFG’s latest collection there.

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