Heaven scent: LA MOIT releases new line of wellness antibacterial body perfume (EDT)

Heaven scent: LA MOIT releases new line of wellness antibacterial body perfume (EDT)

NEW YORK, Dec. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — LA MOIT, a newly established wellness brand with products made in Taiwan, has released three original scents of an antibacterial body perfume (EDT), as well as a personalized Christmas box set printed with customers’ names for the holiday season.

Heaven scent: LA MOIT releases new line of wellness antibacterial body perfume (EDT)
Heaven scent: LA MOIT releases new line of wellness antibacterial body perfume (EDT)

“Carefree but not careless”, LA MOIT’s new range combines the functionality of a body perfume (EDT) with the antibacterial nature of sanitizing spray and has 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness even after 48 hours. The body perfumes are also FDA approved.

LA MOIT offers an escape from reality and practical protection

The concept of LA MOIT began from a simple idea: the idea that everyone in the world has been through hard times and fought their own inner battles — and that everyone needs an escape to help them stay positive, feel carefree and go with the flow. Derived from the word “half” in French, LA MOIT believes the world is constituted equally with positive and negative, yet it is LA MOIT’s attitude to cope with the circumstances that defines people.

With a half-frosted and half-glossy bottle design, containing calming odors and antibacterial function, La Moit brings wellness, ease and comfort collectively to the community. Kickstarting a new trend of antibacterial Eau de toilette, LA MOIT’s range of fragrances are suitable for all in today’s increasingly anxiety-ridden, hygiene-oriented world.

“Life had been anything but dull, but there was nothing triggering my contentment Drowning endlessly into recurring nights of hysteria, my smile and my dreams were long forgotten. This was me — a wounded soul living in an apathetic and lonely world. Together with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, my insomnia, unexplained aches and weight loss exacerbated,” says the Founder of LA MOIT.

“Realizing the seriousness of my condition, I eventually visited a consultant. It was then, I encountered an unforgettable whiff of an earthy balsamic aroma consisting of a touch of floral with citrus layers and a woody note. I attempted to search for this particular fragrance but couldn’t find it. My consultant then suggested that I recreate it myself — and that was when LA MOIT’s signature perfumes were born.”

LA MOIT fragrances are FDA approved

LA MOIT’s body perfume consists of a list of FDA approved ingredients and has been proven by an SGS lab test to be able to provide 99.9% antibacterial protection even after 48 hours. Enhanced by benzalkonium chloride and 75% alcohol content — two antibacterial components, the powerful scent of ethyl-alcohol, however, has been diluted with food-grade corn-based ethanol so the perfumes maintain their intended fragrances.

LA MOIT, launching in early December, will release a personalized Christmas box set that includes three original body perfumes – AFTER BATHE, A LITTLE WALK and CALM BIRCH – along with an aromatic wood tag etched with the customer’s name. For more information and to purchase, please visit www.lamoit.com or follow @lamoit on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lamoit


Dichotomy exists anywhere and everywhere. We have good and bad, black and white, and many other contrasts — and it’s just a fine line between being carefree and careless. Our founder has fought battles with inner insecurities and issues, and it was a chance encounter with an unexpected perfume scent that caught her attention and calmed her heart. This was the original idea behind LA MOIT: We can decide to make a change with little things when depression controls our negative thoughts. Unwilling circumstances caused by the pandemic may keep us apart, but we can manage to reconnect spiritually.

LA MOIT’s perfume collection instantly transforms a gloomy day into a fruitful journey with its earthy, pleasant scent. Our sentinel body perfume (EDT) will soothe you, stay with you and protect you with 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness, even after 48 hours.

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