Have a pow – wow session, Pakatan Harapan

Have a pow – wow session, Pakatan Harapan

It is really sickening to note that DAP is holding another pow-wow and now over Lynas. Definitely that pow-wow would be to consolidate DAP position on the issue.

Before this, DAP held one over khat. In Selangor, Pakatan Harapan again was running the state like -One State – 2 positions on the question of conversion.

Then of course we have the Zakir Naik issue. For the record, all this three issues were never a promise made by PH in its manifesto. So who is engineering this discontent?

All this one party pow-wow seems to be only handling matters how to counter other component parties within the PH.

As I have mentioned before, with friends like this, PH doesn’t need an enemy.

PH has been lately shooting themselves too often in the foot and it is bringing the whole coalition down.

So it is better for PH to hold a pow-wow among themselves first to get their act together.

The latest 2 moves by the PH Government on the khat and Selangor conversion bill has not only divided PH, it has indeed divided the entire nation.

The fire is still brewing and PH has only themselves to blame.

If the central issue is who is the next Prime Minister, then for heaven’s sake have a pow-wow please to resolve that issue rather than having a protracted warfare.

Everyone is getting tired.

S Arutchelvan is PSM deputy chair person.

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