Hager Malaysia’s First Female MD Eyes 10% Growth YOY in Second Term Role

Hager Malaysia’s First Female MD Eyes 10% Growth YOY in Second Term Role

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently appointed Hager Malaysia’s first female managing director, Joyce Yee, achieves over 10% year-over-year (YOY) growth in her first year. The success is followed by a further 10% growth expected in 2023 as the market continues to flourish between 8% to 10% this year.

Knowingly a male-dominated industry, Yee has shown that women could thrive in electrical engineering, not to mention to lead the company with a string of success. Yee is part of 35% of the female executive share in the Southeast Asian region, according to UN Women.

Being an assertive leader, not only is Yee breaking the stereotype but also revamping traditional workflow to improve productivity and supply chain relationships. After being hit by the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, Hager Malaysia, under the wing of Yee, has seen a growth of more than 10% since assuming her role in November 2021.

The electrical and energy industry is projected to slow down in early 2023 amid the continued sluggish economy, however, Malaysia would remain a key player in the global supply chain as 7% of total global semiconductor trade flows through Malaysia and commands 13% of global chip testing and packaging market share, according to Malaysia Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA).

Hager Malaysia recognizes the challenges and has been implementing strategic geographical expansion into tier two and three cities in East Malaysia including Kuching and Kota Kinabalu followed by the appointment of new distributors for local proximity. In addition, the company revamped the go-to-market strategy with enhanced partner programmes to build and strengthen supplier and distributor relationships while providing added benefits for stakeholders.

“At Hager Malaysia, we embrace challenges, use feedback, and learn from experiences. The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 resulted in the decline of market revenues, yet, we can recover stronger since then and will continue to persist and be driven to achieve our 2023 target and forward,” said Yee, MD of Hager Malaysia.

Hager Malaysia understands the need to evolve with the times and industry with new strategies and solutions to future-proof the business. As part of the Hager Group, Hager Malaysia is determined to implement Project 2030 and Blue Planet Commitment to keep the company customer-centric, independent, strong, and sustainable.

To achieve the Project 2030 target, that is in line with Hager’s vision for shaping the future of the electrical world, Hager Group initiated Blue Planet Commitment to measure its carbon footprint throughout its supply chain from the upstream activities and company activities to downstream activities including the end-life of sold products and wastes produced.

Geared by Project 2030 and Blue Planet Commitment, Hager Malaysia has been able to offer some of the leading electrical components including energy-saving and smart solutions to contribute to the building of green and smart buildings locally. All products are developed with a principal mindset of sustainable consumption and production to protect the environment. Part of this is putting the entire process, from sourcing materials to end-of-product-life, under intense scrutiny to analyse its environmental impact, one of which is by measuring C02 emissions.

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