Gobind: PM should have shown government’s commitment to transparency and institutional reform

Gobind: PM should have shown government’s commitment to transparency and institutional reform

Prime Minister Dato Seri Ismail Sabri Yaacob has asked everyone to accept the decision of the SC. He says they have investigated Azam Baki and after investigations, a decision has been made and we must accept that decision.

This call by the Prime Minister demonstrates a total failure of leadership on his part and a total failure on part of his government to deal with institutional problems which have a huge impact on our country.

The Prime Minister must accept the fact that people have every right to ask questions especially in cases where there are concerns over decisions made by the authorities.

He cannot just ask people to sit back and accept such decisions. In this case, no reasons were at first given explaining why the inquiry was unable to conclude that section 25(4) was breached. When pressed for an answer, the SC issued a second statement.

That statement alluded to independent evidence which appears to contradict what Azam Baki said in a PC on the 10th of January this year.I want the Prime Minister to explain this. If he is unable to, then who is he to insist that we just accept such a decision?

The Prime Minister should also look at Art 145 of the Federal Constitution and respect the fact that it is the Attorney-General and not he or SC who should decide whether any action should be taken in this case.

The Attorney-General should do that after all authorities concerned, be they the police, SC or anyone else concerned, complete their investigations into the matter and forward their findings and reports to him.

This process must be respected. It is most unfortunate that the Prime Minister has taken this approach in dealing with this matter. He ought to have, but did not take this opportunity to show his government’s commitment to transparency and institutional reform.

Gobind Singh Deo is the Puchong MP

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