‘Want to influence how to indirectly murder innocent people go elsewhere’

‘Want to influence how to indirectly murder innocent people go elsewhere’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Youth and Sports’s supervisory facility (KBS) is a prohibition zone for any party that holds the country’s antivaccine understanding to spread their message.

Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman stressed that organizing seminars or programs aimed at injecting insight into risking the lives of others could be done elsewhere, but do not involve the use of KBS facilities.

“If you want to influence how to kill innocent lives, they can make seminars elsewhere. I will not allow this to happen, especially in KBS’s facilities. “There is a limit in freedom of speech. To spread the da’wah that can ‘kill’, find another place, “he said through his Twitter account, @SededSaddiq, today.

He was commenting on the posters of vaccine reality seminars scheduled for the International Youth Center (IYC), near Tun Razak City, Cheras, May 19, featuring two women panels.

Seminar with the participation fee of RM40 per person was alleged to be a featured cell hygienist and medical hygiene consultant, Dr. Siti Aishah Mohamed Ali and author with the background of sharia law education, Nurul Hayati Abd Latif.

Syed Saddiq’s statement was also supported by various quarters, including MedTweetMY Chairman Dr. Khairul Hafidz Alkhair Khairul Amin, who described the movement to spread propagation of antivaccine in Malaysia, should not be allowed to be rampant.

“Thanks, YB @SyedSaddiq for this decision. We at #MedTweetMY welcome this decision and will fully support YB’s decision. “These people should not be allowed to propagate their teachings to the community. Well done KBS!”, he tweeted.

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