Get National Fund To Secure Covid-19 Vaccine – Social Activist

Get National Fund To Secure Covid-19 Vaccine – Social Activist

KUCHING: A prominent social activist in Sarawak has appealed to lawmakers in the country to set aside their differences to approve a national fund for securing sufficient amounts of COVID-19 vaccines once they are available.

Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soon today said some wealthy nations had already made arrangements with major drug manufacturers to secure enough vaccines for their people and the Malaysian authorities should not procrastinate on this matter.

“This is the time when the national reserves of any country can help. This is a non-political matter that must be decided by the highest legislative body of any country immediately,” he said in a statement to Bernama today.

According to him, the pandemic has posed a major challenge to the world and the chances of returning to a normal life lie in the successful development of a vaccine.

“This is the decision (by Malaysian lawmakers), the hour that will define forever your future life and lifestyle so that you can eventually enjoy your constitutional and human rights of freedom and movement and actions…no distancing, no masks, no restrictions of movement, no curfews and (instead) freedom to travel,” he added.


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