Former UMNO Wanita Chief moots PM Muhyiddin reform ideas as essential

Former UMNO Wanita Chief moots PM Muhyiddin reform ideas as essential

PUCHONG: The special address on ‘Together in National Recovery’ by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday was seen as a landmark speech in Malaysian politics.

Muhyiddin has proposed a way forward with a number of institutional reforms that could leave a lasting impact on Malaysian politics if passed.

In his statement, he had offered some surprisingly real tangible bipartisan reforms which the country badly needs, such as the idea of the two-term limit for the Prime Minister’s post.

Following that, Former Umno Wanita chief Tan Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who had served as Family and Community Development Minister said, the proposals which she considered historic were the much-needed reforms for now.

“It’s about time we tabled in Parliament that the Malaysian Prime Minister’s position needs a 2-term limit, that our young ones should have their rights to vote, and that equal funding is needed for our people in each parliamentary seat regardless which political party represents them for the sake of the rakyat, she said.

“I pray that the proposed reforms will materialise and hope that the MPs will give priority to the people in making their decision.

She also stated that it’s time to set aside political differences in living up to the ‘rakyat first’ slogan.

Several political party leaders aligned to PN have welcomed Muhyiddin’s offer.

Some leaders considered it as an opportunity for inter-party cooperation and to work hand-in-hand to put this country back on a firm footing on the road to health and economic recovery.