Flood victims in Pasir Mas counting days to return home

Flood victims in Pasir Mas counting days to return home

PASIR MAS: “I can’t wait to go home,” said 44-year-old Marhami Rosli, a flood victim who has been taking shelter at the relief centre (PPS) in Sekolah Kebangsaan Kedai Tanjong here since 16 days ago.

Marhami said that even though her house is located next to Sungai Golok and is not luxurious, she still misses it as it is more comfortable there than sharing facilities with others at the PPS.

“However, I’m thankful because we are protected from danger here. Our daily meals are taken care of, and there are concerned parties who came here to distribute donations,” she told Bernama when met at the PPS yesterday.Her family is among the first nine families relocated to the relief centre when the floods hit the district almost three weeks ago.

Marhani added that she recently returned to her home in Kampung Jeram Perdah and was surprised to find that the kitchen columns had been broken due to the strong currents.

“I was heartbroken to see the condition of the house and many pieces of furniture were also damaged. Hopefully, someone is willing to help ease the burden on our family.”The water around the house is still at knee level.

I’m afraid that if we go home now, there will be poisonous animals like snakes,” said Marhami, who rented the house with her husband and their three children.

Her neighbour, Aishah Salleh, 55, expected that it would take at least another week for the stagnant flood to fully recede.”Honestly, I’m longing to return home. But, unfortunately, this is what we have to go through almost every year.”I think we have to stay here for another week or two before we can go home.

During that period, maybe I will clean up the house, which has been blanketed in silt and mud,” said the single mother who has been at the PPS since Dec 12.A check by Bernama found that 178 people from 56 families are still taking shelter at the PPS as of 2 pm today.– BERNAMA