Felda settlers to get RM300 ‘duit raya’

Felda settlers to get RM300 ‘duit raya’

PUCHONG: All Felda settlers will be receiving RM300 as Hari Raya assistance, as well as other arrears due to them.

In a circular by the Economic Affairs Ministry signed on May 30, it is stated that the Cabinet had decided to allocate RM34 million for the exercise, which will benefit 112, 635 Felda settlers nationwide.

“At the same time, Felda is also to pay arrears on cost of living allowance and advance on produce aids to all settlers.

“The Economic Affairs minister proposes that Felda makes the payment before Hari Raya to alleviate the settlers’ burden,” reads the circular.

The circular is signed by Economic Affairs Ministry chief secretary Datuk Yatimah Sarjiman.

On May 23, Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali said that the government did not intend to give financial assistance to Felda settlers for the upcoming Hari Raya.

He also said it was because the country’s financial situation did not permit the government to do so, adding that his ministry was giving priority to providing cost of living and advance on produce aids payments for the settlers.

However, Majlis Permuafakatan NGO Felda (MPNF) urged the government to reconsider its decision, The NGO’s calls also received the backing of PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.