HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On December 14, 2022, Ecomobi officially launched the Ecomobi Passio platform, supporting businesses to increase revenue sustainably and establish themselves on the international market.

According to Zippa, the average person can see about 4,000-10,000 ads in a day. Users are gradually suffering from advertising indigestion and losing faith in traditional advertising. Meanwhile, the world witnessed a shift in consumer buying behavior:

  • Customers tend to trust their community more. Up to 92% of consumers consider buying from the recommendation of people they love and admire.
  • Consumers are spending more time consuming newer content mediums like Tiktok, Youtube, Podcast,…
  • Consumers are willing to pay through content created by social media influencers.

According to Tomoson statistics, an average influencer marketing campaign can bring in 6.5 times more revenue than the cost. If compared with other Digital Marketing channels, Influencer Marketing is considered the fastest-growing channel for businesses to acquire customers on the online platform.

However, most businesses have not been able to properly operate this form of marketing and measure ROI across all of their social media channels. And that is why the Ecomobi Passio platform was born, where businesses and top KOLs are connected, providing a comprehensive Influencer Marketing solution, helping brands improve conversions and increase revenue in the digital age.

The operating principle of Ecomobi Passio is: “Value First, Cost Later”. Brands only need to pay when a customer buys a product through KOL’s links. This will help every dollar of the brand’s budget be spent effectively.

Brands will also be able to directly select the KOL that matches the brand’s image and budget based on data on that KOL’s past sales performance. With a system of more than 300,000 leading Content Creators in Southeast Asia, each KOL owns the most popular social media channels with a high number of followers, suitable for a variety of products and fields. Whether your brand belongs to a niche market or an all market, Ecomobi Passio will have the right strategy for you. Selling through KOL’s superfan community (end-user) is the right marketing strategy to optimize costs and maximize profitability.

In addition, using KOL to do marketing through Ecomobi Passio is the perfect outsourcing. With just one system, the brand will ensure brand safety, centralized management and easy navigation.

Brand safety: Once you have chosen Influencer Marketing, KOLs are the new face of the brands. To bring efficiency and minimize risk to the brand, Ecomobi Passio ensures to provide a list of authentic KOLs with real sales data. Say no to influencers with fake followers, and optimize by contracting with putting forth clear guidelines.

Centralized management: Manage everything: from KOL booking, campaigns, transactions, detailed reports,… in just 1 DASHBOARD SCREEN. Monitor KOL sales performance and manage campaign growth anytime the brand wants.

Easy navigation: With Ecomobi Passio, the brand will easily navigate the campaign anywhere such as the brand’s e-commerce platform or website without having to change the platform. This will reduce the workload and simplify the campaign implementation process, giving brands more time to focus on product development or scaling the company.

Currently, Ecomobi Passio is a strategic partner of more than 10,000+ leading brands in Southeast Asia such as Tik Tok Shop, Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, DHC, Estee Lauder,… Helping brands come closer to target customers through Influencer Marketing and sustainable revenue growth year by year.

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