SHENZHEN, China, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Globally distributed, premium home appliance manufacturer, Dreo,today announced the release of their most powerful, coolest and quietest tower fan yet, the Pilot Max. Pilot Max is designed to be uncompromising in its ability to quietly bring cooling wind to every corner of the home. Dreo elevated Pilot Max with a new fine-tuned impeller wheel, redesigned airflow path oscillation angle, and brushless DC motor for hyper quietness. The result is stronger, cooler winds that reach further without being a noisy nuisance.

Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan
Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan

Dreo Pilot Max is the first of its kind to have its DC motor designed with acoustics in mind. The DC powered brushless motor takes advantage of the Coanda effect that reduces air friction as it exits the fan, reducing fan noise to as low as 25dB [1]. For comparison, 25 dB is the same as leaves rustling in the background – the fan noise is almost undetectable.  

At its core, Pilot Max is powered by a redesigned impeller wheel capable of moving over 1,475 cubic feet of air volume per minute [2].  Wind speeds are optimized by Dreo’s implementation of an air flow path based on the Bezier curve for higher pressure and less resistance resulting in wind speeds up to 26 ft./s [2].  These new innovations allow Pilot Max to send cooling winds as far as 32 feet [2] – delivering fresh cool air to every corner of the room with ease and silence.   

Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan
Dreo Pilot Max Tower Fan

To ensure Pilot Max can reach every inch of a room, Dreo added a “stepper” motor that allows for increased oscillation angles of 120 degrees, versus 60 degrees of most tower fans.  Users can further customize the degree of oscillation to wrap themselves in their own personal cool breeze or share it with others. 12 adjustable fan speeds and timer allows for just the right amount of cooling, and at just 36 cents a month to run [3], Pilot Max will put a dent in your air conditioner bill this summer.

Key Features:

  • New fine-tuned impeller wheel for increased air flow
  • Hypercooling 26 ft./s wind speeds
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Customizable 120 degree oscillation
  • 25 dB hyper quiet fan noise

For additional information on the Dreo Pilot Max tower fan, please visit the or Amazon here.


Dreo is a modern home appliance brand seeking to create balance between technology and lifestyle.

With a unique philosophy that places Air at its core. Dreo has been reshaping different segments in the home appliance category with products like Tower fans, Air Purifiers, Space Heaters and Air conditioners.

Our ultimate ambition is to make every homelife experience a delightful breeze.

[1] Data from Dreo lab (soundproofing room). Under normal circumstances using Pilot Max at minimum wind speed

[2] Data from Dreo lab (wind testing facility). Under normal circumstances at maximum operating speeds.

[3] Data from Dreo lab. Electricity cost, calculated at the rate of 12.52 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh)

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