Dr Mahathir: Write the truth, don’t fear Sedition Act

Dr Mahathir: Write the truth, don’t fear Sedition Act

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad told the media that there is nothing for the media to fear about the possibility of being charged under Sedition Act.

“If you report the truth, you don’t have to fear anything because it is the truth,” said Dr Mahathir to the press after delivering his keynote address at the Al-Sharq Youth conference.

“But if you tell lies and make up stories just to stir up emotions and make people angry with each other, then of course, that is not right.”

He also spoke about the Rome Statute that Malaysia will pull out from and the police probe on Rome Statute on Saturday. Attorney General Tommy Thomas were among the panellists who spoke at that forum

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Fuzi Harun confirmed that the police is investigating the matter under Sedition Act.

“On the Rome Statute, there have been misunderstanding. They don’t know anything about Rome Statute but they go and frighten people.

“You know, even the emperor of Japan who led Japan during the war (World War II), he was not charged in any way.

“The same goes with Kaiser of German. Nothing was done to him. His office had to pay the price.

‘Police protects us’

The prime minister also dispelled the notion that the Rome Statute forum panellists and attendees are under threat of being probed.

“The police are here to protect us.  When people try to stir trouble, they must find out.”

“That doesn’t mean their investigation will prosecute people but they must find out whether there is any attempt to stir up problems and trouble.”

“That is why they have to investigate. It doesn’t mean that it will be followed (up) by charges.”

Responding to another question, he also denied that free speech is curtailed with the enforcement of Sedition Act.

“We have free speech but free speech is not unlimited to do something that is going to cause for people, insult people, of course that is not included in free speech.”

Barbaric terrorist Israel

Earlier in his keynote address, the prime minister urged the youth to stick on to their ideals and values to bring about change.

He also criticised the West for allowing the continuity of a tragedy called Palestine, in reference to the ongoing Israel – Palestine conflict.

“Apartheid, genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression and all the evil that mankind can inflict on others can be compiled in Palestine courtesy of the barbaric, arrogant, terrorist nation called Israel.

“Until and unless the international community is committed to find a solution to bring an end to the occupation of the land belonging to the Palestinians, the region and the rest of the world will not have much of a chance for stability and order,“ he said in his keynote address before opening the conference, held the first time in Malaysia.

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