Dr M defends AG, chides Syazlin for not representing Adib’s family

Dr M defends AG, chides Syazlin for not representing Adib’s family

PUCHONG: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad defended Attorney General Tommy Thomas against calls for the latter’s resignation over alleged hiccups over the inquest into the death of firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

“People are going for this person (Thomas) for no reason. Whatever he does, there is a reason. The reason was, this lawyer (Syazlin Mansor) was representing two conflicting parties, so at the very least, she should resign from being a lawyer for the government.

“The minister (Zuraida Kamaruddin) did not know she was also the lawyer for Adib’s family. You want me to sack Zuraida too?” he chided.

Two days ago, Syazlin announced that she was withdrawing from inquest without stating any reason.

The Housing and Local Government Ministry came out and said that Syazlin was removed due to instruction from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Yesterday, Tommy clarified that Syazlin was removed due to conflict of interest, as she was representing both the government and Adib’s family.

“The second conflict of interest is that Syazlin’s husband is Housing and Local Government Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin’s press secretary Ahmad Soffian Mohd Shariff,” Tommy was reported saying.

Tommy. However, said he was shocked when Syazlin decided not to represent Aidb’s family as well, saying that he had no qualms for the lawyer to continue representing the deceased’s family.

Commenting on Syazlin, Mahathir said that the lawyer should not have withdrawn herself from representing Adib’s family if she really wanted to find justice in the case.

 “The person who appointed the lawyer was unaware that she was already acting for Adib’s family. When it came out in the open, the lawyer must withdraw from representing the government and continue representing Adib’s family, but she withdrew from representing all  parties in a bid to find the truth.

“The truth can be found in court. Now, even a prime minister has no power in court. If we don’t believe in court, who can we believe in to make decisions?” he asked.