DAP to Latheefa: Reopen Teoh Beng Hock’s case

DAP to Latheefa: Reopen Teoh Beng Hock’s case

PUCHONG: The DAP today called upon newly minted MACC chief commissioner Latheefa Koya to re-open investigations on the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock.

In a statement, DAP youth deputy chief Chiong Yoke Kong said urged Latheefa to take firm action against the officers responsible for Teoh’s death.

“We hope that Latheefa will implement drastic measures to reform MACC, eliminate corruption and launch investigations into Teoh’s death and punish the officers involved in it,” he said.

Teoh, a political aide to the Selangor state government, was found dead at the Selangor MACC headquarters in 2009. He was called there as a witness for a suspected corruption case involving a state executive councillor member.

A royal commission of inquiry was later established to investigate Teoh’s death but the commission arrived at an ‘open verdict. However, the commissioners acknowledged that Teoh was subjected to aggressive interrogation by three MACC officers.

Unhappy with the verdict and the government’s inaction, Teoh’s family took up the case to the court and the Court of Appeal reversed the open verdict decision, ruling that MACC was responsible for Teoh’s death.

To date, the government has not taken any action against the three MACC officers implicated in Teoh’s death.

Chiong said that DAP has not forgotten Teoh’s death and the suffering his family had to endure throughout their journey in trying to get justice for his death.

 “It is intolerable to see MACC officers involved in Teoh’s death remain at large, with some of them even rewarded with promotions.

“Latheefa had worked with the Selangor state government before and she clearly understand the political persecution meted out by the old regime and MACC against Pakatan Harapan, with Teoh’s innocent life being sacrificed.

“An investigation by MACC on the suspected officers must not be delayed,” Chiong said.