Budget for Malaysians or a reward for supporters?

Budget for Malaysians or a reward for supporters?

Only a fraction is going to minorities and most of the allocated RM322.5 billion from Budget 2021 is seen to be distributed disproportionately.

The biggest insult would have been the RM50 million for the frontliners who are responsible to keep Malaysians safe and treated throughout battle against Covid-19 whereas a larger amount of RM85.5 million will be given to Perikatan Nasional’s propaganda machinery, JASA. ‘Siapa lebih berjasa sekarang?’

If the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin can allow this, where does that leave the rest of minorities and those who are not supporting his government?

A total of RM4.6 billion has been allocated to help Bumiputera entrepreneurs including RM510 million for the purpose of financing Bumiputera SMEs and micro entrepreneurs via Tekun Nasional and Perbadanan Usaha Nasional Berhad. The disparity is stark in comparison to the RM20 million allocated specifically for the Indian Community Entrepreneurs Development Scheme and RM5 million for entrepreneurship development of other minority communities.

Muhyiddin should not play politics through the Budget 2021 allocation but instead show to the people that despite he was never given the mandate to lead the nation, he has every intention to help everyone and must be reflected in the allocation.

Every Malaysian is gravely affected by Covid-19 and the phrase #kitajagakita should not just be a propagandistic message.

Datuk Ramanan Ramakrishnan is KEADILAN Deputy Director of Strategy
Central Leadership Council Member (MPP)

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