Bedsure Combines the Best of Comfort and Technology with Their New Low-Voltage Heated Blanket

Bedsure Combines the Best of Comfort and Technology with Their New Low-Voltage Heated Blanket

DIAMOND BAR, Calif., Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Bedsure, the leading home linen brand, has recently launched its brand new 24V low-voltage heated blanket which provides comfort and safety in equal parts. A good choice for users to keep warm on cold days, also ensuring their safety.

Bedsure’s Low-Voltage Heated Blanket
Bedsure’s Low-Voltage Heated Blanket

Low-Voltage Safety

Bedsure’s heated blanket is designed using 24 volts, which is the safest a blanket can use to still be effective and provide distributed warmth throughout the blanket and to your body. This low voltage design also means there’s no risk of electric shock or radiation while the blanket is in use. This makes it a great option for little ones who are prone to spilling or even for pets with a tendency to chew. If your pet accidentally gets a hold of the heating wire and chews through it, he won’t get electrocuted or harmed. Bedsure has taken stringent measures to ensure the blanket adheres to all standards of safety. In addition to designing the blanket with a family-friendly low voltage, it also received a UL and CE certifications, which means that it passes rigorous safety standards both in the United States and in Europe. 

Overheating Protection 

Heated blankets are a fantastic option for those who struggle with poor circulation and feel cold throughout the night, or for those who live in cooler climates and prefer some extra warmth while sleeping. They’re not a great option, however, when they overheat. The Bedsure heated blanket comes equipped with a feature that  reaches past a certain temperature, mitigating any risk of a fire or putting you at harm as you sleep. For those that tend to accidentally drift off on the couch, don’t worry! If your heated blanket is tucked firmly into the gaps of a sofa or if its bunched up or folded improperly, the temperature of the blanket won’t continue to raise. Our Uniwarm Technology, features finer and denser wires so that heat is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. This smart technology is also equipped with a temperature sensor there so that you can rest with ease and comfort. 

You can set the timer according to your needs and how long you’d like it to keep you warm. The Low-Voltage Tie Dye Fleece Heated Blanket are set in heating increments of two, four, and eight hours. And the Low-Voltage Super Soft Fuzzy Fleece Heated Blanket features increments of one to four hours. If you don’t set a specific timer, the blanket will automatically turn off after two hours. 

Soft & Comforting Warmth 

Aside from the unparalleled warmth the blanket provides, the material itself is extremely cozy. The blanket has a fun and lively, and is made with PV fleece which is soft, comforting, and boasts excellent heat storage. 

As with many other Bedsure designs, this blanket is versatile and its style fits comfortably within any room of the house, whether it lives on your bed, the couch, or an office. It comes in both a single size for easy individual use and in a twin bed size as well. Both sizes feature a functional controller and plug which can be removed before tossing your blanket into the washing machine! 

The Bedsure Heated blanket is designed knowing that everybody is different and that what works for one person might not work for someone else. This heated blanket features different levels of heat so that you can find what works best for you. The controller that’s included with the blanket allows you to easily shift the temperature to find that just-right level of comfort as you drift off to sleep. 

Both low-voltage blankets can be purchased for $69.99 on Amazon and the company website. Additional information about Bedsure’s low-voltage blankets can be found here.

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